Thursday, February 18, 2010

Graduation! :: Orange County Portrait Photography

A couple weeks ago, I took a few portraits of my friend Kelsey for some of her grad school applications/website bios for awards she's recently won/her on-campus club website. I've also taken some photos of her and her family on her birthday! Kelsey is one of the first people I met in college, and I have enjoyed our friendship since so much! Congrats on your awards and grad school acceptances, Kelsey!


:: Graduation Portrait Sessions ::
This spring, I'll be booking a few graduation portrait sessions! If you're like my roommate* and unfortunately discovered that your school produces incredibly awkward photos wearing a one-size-fits-all-but-really-two-sizes-too-huge cap and gown, shoot me an email and we can arrange for something that suits your personality and celebrates you! :) ... we can even use your own cap and gown and your REAL tassel!

*roommate photos to be re-shot by me ASAP! :)